B.C. Farewell. Triumviri, r. p. c., On behalf of you and Cassius, I will make any engagement you wish me to make; in fact Hirtius insists upon my doing so. [7.24] Cicero to Atticus, greeting. . I am only sounding you now to see in what spirit you take it. C. Iulius Caesar V. . Philippus. For perhaps are you are incapable of understanding the dilemma that faces you. And therefore, because in the first place I thought you were under the impression that, after the crushing of the constitution, I could never keep quiet, and secondly, because I thought you were anxious, both about my safety, and the ultimate issue of affairs, since you would naturally suspect me of taking drastic measures; for both these reasons then, as soon as I took over the legions A.Allienus had brought away from Egypt, I wrote to you, and sent quite a number of letter-carriers to Rome.   [Rome, middle of June, 43 B.C.]. His father was a well-to-do member of the equestrian order and possessed good connections in Rome. For the situation I left behind me was one of complete calm as regards yourself, and thanks to your recent victory (and a glorious one it was), I can see that your arrival will be a memorable event. For my own part I shall never allow anybody, if I know it, to go to you without a letter from me. Aemilius Lepidus. When I was in the midst of my speech, in came Cassius. Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Pompey Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: November 19, 2012. why were quaestors assigned to them? Hirtius, as he frequently hints to me in his letters, seems unlikely to do anything without careful consideration. III. L  I am extremely delighted with your approval of my opinion and speech; were I able to make such speeches more often, it would be no trouble at all to recover our freedom and constitutional rights.   [Rome, early in January, 45 B.C.]. B.C. The Letters of Cicero; the whole extant correspondence in chronological order, in four volumes. . Lentulus replied that Pompeius must first come to Picenum. [15.15] M.Cicero to C.Cassius I promised and almost positively asserted that you had not waited for nor would wait for any decrees of ours, but would yourself defend the constitution in your own good way; and although we have not yet heard anything as to your present position, or the forces at your disposal, for all that I take my stand on the fact that all the forces and troops in your part of the world are yours, and that it is through you I am assured that the province of Asia has already been won back for the Republic. If he has come safe through it, we have triumphed; if otherwise (heaven avert the omen!) Will you never understand that you have to decide whether those men who performed that action are homicides or assertors of freedom?   [Brundisium, latter half of August, 47 B.C.]. On the other hand the unanimity of the people of Rome and of all Italy is something wonderful. Rather reluctantly, he had gone out to be governor of the neighbouring province of Cilicia. r. p. Consequently on the 2nd of October, Antonius was brought forward at a public meeting by Cannutius, and though it is true he left the platform in sore disgrace, yet he referred to the saviours of the country in terms that should have been applied to traitors. Is there any one then, except you yourself and these men who wished him to become a king, who was unwilling that that deed should be done, or who disapproved of it after it was done? I am afraid, O Senators, lest I should appear to you to have brought up a sham accuser against myself (which is a most disgraceful thing to do); a man not only to distinguish me by the praises which are my due, but to load me also with those which do not belong to me. B.C. The next letter, written by one of the conspirators, describes the situation in Rome a few days later (the exact date is disputed). why was the number of their legates augmented? For the swordsman is bent on bloodshed, and imagined that he would make a beginning of it with me on the 19th of September, on which day he had turned up ready primed, after studying his speech for several days at the villa of Metellus. M. TVLLIVS CICERO (106 – 43 B.C.) In this formula the words "within this year" are not usually added; so even if it is now two or three years since, bewitched by the blandishments of Pleasure, you sent a notice of divorce to Virtue, I am free to act as I like. Write back as you love me, and tell me what is doing. Hide browse bar So I do not so much as recommend him to you. Once upon a time, schoolkids were intimately familiar with the writings of Cicero, a late Roman politician and onetime consul of great reputation. . But you are perfectly well aware that we are not to be driven either this way or that, and it is quite likely that the motive of your menacing behaviour is to give our prudence the appearance of panic. Be it so. For myself, I never fail, and I never shall fail, to protect those dear to you; and whether they appeal to me for advice or whether they don't, I can in either case guarantee my love and loyalty to yourself. But seeing that we have put ourselves at your disposal, and in deference to your advice have dismissed our personal friends from the provincial towns, and have done so not only by edict but by letter as well, we surely deserve that you should admit us into your counsels, especially in a matter which affects ourselves. The digital Loeb Classical Library extends the founding mission of James Loeb with an interconnected, fully searchable, perpetually growing virtual library of all that is important in Greek and Latin literature. After Crassus' defeat and death at Carrhae, Cassius led the remnants of the Roman army back to Syria, and in 51 B.C. L  I expect you must be just a little ashamed of yourself now that this is the third letter that has caught you before you have sent me a single leaf or even a line. ——— M. Tullius Cicero, Epistulae ad Atticum 2 vols. Coss., C. Iulius Caesar IV., "I don't think so at all, for you won't be safe." "What of you, Brutus?" Cicero. Would to heaven I had been! I urge this upon you so strongly that I feel all my prospects depend upon it. It is true that you have given her more than I ever thought of even praying for, but she is not content, and looks for great things at your hands, to match the greatness of your hearts and services. What everybody is saying however, I suppose because they wish it, is that you are in Syria, and in command of forces. The largest one-volume selection of Cicero's letters, arranged in eight chronological sections in P. G. Walsh's attractive translation, charting his career through this turbulent period in Roman history. Iulius Caesar III., M. Aemilius Lepidus. [11.3] Brutus and Cassius, praetors, to M. Antonius, consul . We would have won a glorious victory, if Antonius, stripped and unarmed and a fugitive as he was, had not been given refuge by Lepidus. In September, Cassius left Italy, ostensibly to go to his province of Cyrene, but in reality he intended to proceed to Syria, where he knew that he could count on strong support. B.C. London. 4 And now to return to politics; please write back and tell me what is being done in the two Spains. [12.9] Cicero to Cassius Mind you keep your health and your affection for me. I should write at greater length if I knew the circumstances of the case. To Brutus. Learn latin cicero letter with free interactive flashcards. But all that left me unmoved; I had better things to think about. Letters to Atticus, with an English translation by E.O. Current location in this text. 52 Aemilius Lepidus. Your reliance on such methods has no terrors for us; for neither is it seemly or suitable for us, on our side, to bow our spirit before any peril, nor is it for Antonius to claim lordship over those to whose efforts he owes his freedom. But I cannot even think what I myself ought to do. B.C. I assure you that on this tour of mine there is nothing that gives me more pleasure to do than to write to you; for I seem to be talking and joking with you face to face. Dolabella is soundly trounced by men with some command of sarcasm for being in such a hurry to take your place, though you had hardly been a month in Syria; so that it was obvious to all that he had no right to be admitted into the province. "How about our philosophy then?" But, I ask you, what sort of study was possible amid scenes of debauchery and drunkenness? Attalus' home page The Letters of Cicero; the whole extant correspondence in chronological order, in four volumes. But those days of vital importance, especially in civil wars, having been wasted, the year that intervened tempted some to hope for victory, others to think lightly of defeat itself. Of the rest of their conduct you may judge from the fact that they have robbed your legate of his travelling allowance. Whereupon Cassius, with flashing eyes and fairly breathing war, declared he would not go to Sicily. ), 43 B.C.]. The people don't care a straw, since there is no doubt as to his cremation. But our forces, where are they? 2 I would have you consider and assure yourself that if anything untoward happens, which I should deplore, the only refuge left for honest citizens is with you and Brutus. L  Philotimus' letter gave little pleasure to me, but much to the others who are here. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. Dated the 7th of March, from camp at Tarichea. I fear the truer version may be that we are now all practically prisoners, that Pompeius is leaving Italy, pursued it is said by Caesar. Coss. As to what remains, I prefer that you should consult your own heart, rather than listen to any words of mine. Domitius (non inierunt.) You must know that I have started for Syria to join the generals L.Murcus and Q.Crispus. These letters, in translation, are certainly useful in making a contemporary reader familiar with him, although few seem greatly interested in that at present [1]. B.C. 4 Take my word for it, these troops under my command are at the disposal of the Senate and all loyal citizens, and most of all at yours; for being constantly told of your sympathies makes them astonishingly fond of you, and you are their favourite; and if once they grasp the fact that you have their interests at heart, they will feel that there is nothing they do not owe you. [15.11] Cicero to Atticus, greeting. 57 2 But, notwithstanding all that, your despatch, sent from your camp on the 7th of May, had the effect upon the State of making everybody believe that he had already been crushed, and that you were coming to Italy with your army; so that, if all were accomplished to our satisfaction, we should have your counsel and influence, but if, as so often happens in war, some slip should by any chance occur, we should have your army, to fall back upon. I am sure Pompeius must be fleeing: I only hope he may escape. L230N - Cicero -- Letters to His Friends III: Books 13-16. We are beaten, ruined and utterly captive . You have our friend Paullus on your side, a warm friend of mine, and there is Curio, and Furnius too. C. Iulius Caesar IV. ———Cicero’s Letters to Atticus (with translation and commentary) 7 vols. A lively introduction sets out the historical context, and the nature of the letters and Cicero's correspondents. CICERO, Letters to Brutus - Epistulae ad Brutum: Loeb; translation and text; Cic:Amic CICERO, de Amicitia translation → text; Cic:Arch CICERO, Oratio pro Archia Loeb; translation and text; Cic:Att CICERO, Letters to Atticus - Epistulae ad Atticum: Loeb; translation and text; Cic:Balb CICERO, Oratio pro Balbo Loeb; translation and text I should sooner say that some men had boasted in order to appear to have been part of that conspiracy, though they had in reality known nothing of it, than that any one who had been an accomplice in the deed could possibly have wished to conceal their part in it. Caesar went off to Spain, where he fought the last campaign of the civil war, against the sons of Pompeius. Caesar, however, will not let us feel his loss too long; for he has a lot of condemned men to restore to us in his stead, nor will he himself feel the lack of someone to bid at his auctions when once he has cast his eye on Sulla junior. Enter a Perseus citation to go to another section or work. Rufus. Had he shown that speed, Africa would have experienced the same leniency as was witnessed by Asia, yes, and by Achaea too, with you yourself, as I take it, being their ambassador and intercessor. I should like you to be assured that neither you and your family, nor the Senate are without strong safeguards, so that you may defend the Republic in the best of hopes and with the highest spirit. B.C. I shall do my utmost to let you have early news of what I have been able to do. a man whom I should not have ventured even to advise. - Volume 33 Issue 5-6 - J. Jackson Cassius, as tribune of the plebs, supported Pompeius against Caesar. [2.31] For just consider a little; and for a moment think of the business like a sober man. But more of this and of much else, when we meet soon. [12.11] C.Cassius, proconsul, to M.Cicero For the ills to be remedied are very many, even though it may appear that the Republic has been safely delivered from the villainy of its enemies. from V Kal. He has pitched camp in front of the town of Laodiceia; he has pulled down part of the wall, and has linked his camp with the town. 62. Dict. I am greedily awaiting a letter from you. ... Cicero. I am myself more hopeful about it, now that it has been so brilliantly administered by my dear Dolabella. Magister Equitum, M. L  I suppose it is the wintry weather that has so far prevented us from having any certain information about you - what you are doing, and most important of all, where you are. Fare you well then, and continue to love me as you have from a boy. This is practically all that I think you ought to know. C. Carinas, Q. Eq., M. Antonius. When Caesar was slain, says he, Marcus Brutus immediately lifted up on high his bloody dagger, and called on Cicero by name; and congratulated him on liberty being recovered. Our friend Cassius with ten legions, twenty auxiliary cohorts, and a cavalry force of 4000, has pitched camp twenty miles away at Paltus, and anticipates a bloodless victory, seeing that with Dolabella the price of wheat is already three tetradrachms [for a medimnus]. B.C. For though we have slain the tyrant, we still watch that tyrant's every nod. Why, in that very school you have selected I apprehend there is more vitality than I should have supposed, if only because it has your approval. Although these letters are full of interest, as primary evidence for the character and motives of C.Cassius, the leader of the conspiracy against Julius Caesar, they can be hard to find, because they have been preserved in various different places in the large collection of Cicero's letters.   [Rome, December 46 B.C.]. If, however, you are planning some scheme worthy of your glory, I should like to see it carried through while I am yet alive. And even so they would cause me less inconvenience if they would only allow me some reasonable time for writing; but they come ready dressed for travelling, and tell me that their mates are waiting for them at the gate. ISBN. Indeed Pansa stated in the public meeting that your mother also and brother [Lucius] had objected to my making that proposal. As a matter of fact he has been for many years entirely at my disposal, and I have liked him for his extreme kindness and the respect he shows me. Dictator, [15.19] Cassius to Cicero Coss., C. But supposing your relatives have any burdens to bear, if they are only such as you can shoulder, hurry home; it will be the most splendid and glorious thing you can do. Because I knew of it beforehand? L  If you are well, that is good; I and my army are well. That is why our every hope lies in you; and if your only object in keeping away is to be in a safe place, there is no hope even in you. I had made up my mind on the journey, and advised him to accept the control of the corn supply from Asia. In 49 B.C. 56 Calpurnius Piso, M. Acilius Glabrio. And all these measures were owing to you. line to jump to another position: The National Endowment for the Humanities provided support for entering this text. Browse related items. Dictator Cicero, Epistulae ad Atticum (English) [genre: prose] [Cic. And yet that does not come to pass because of those spectres; and, by way of retaliation for that, in my next letter I shall let loose upon you such a rabble of Stoic boors that you will proclaim Catius a true-born Athenian. [12.3] Cicero to Cassius Am I then called wicked by you because you suspect that I suspected something; and is he who openly displayed his dripping dagger; named by you so that you may do him honour? Woe is me! [Formiae, February 11th, 49 B.C.]. Nepos. The translations of letters to Atticus are based on the version by E.O.Winstedt; the other letters are based on the version by W.G.Williams. L  By your recommendation you present M. Fadius to me as a friend; well, I gain nothing by that. But sedition has been so well suppressed that it seems to me we are likely to be safe for all time, at any rate from that most degrading danger. The following letter to Atticus vividly describes the meeting to discuss this offer. Important things, and there are many of them, remain to be done, but they all rest with you three. [11.2] Brutus and Cassius, praetors, to M. Antonius [Mark Antony], consul Was I the instigator whom Lucius Tillius Cimber followed? Vol. Checked Out. Caius Cassius, a man of that family which could not endure, I will not say the domination, but even the power of any individual,- he, I suppose, was in need of me to instigate him? People think that Caesar will be annoyed because he is afraid of a slump in his sales. This is all the more readily believed because it seems so likely to be true. . The National Endowment for the Humanities provided support for entering this text. Coss., M. Isauricus. Evelyn S. Shuckburgh. 2 Here (I'll send you something of a letter after all) we have on our hands the death of P. Sulla senior; some say it was brigands, others indigestion. About politics I can write nothing, for I do not care to write what I feel. 1.3 (S VIII): To Atticus at Athens, from Rome, January 66 BC Our old regiment of loyalists is warm in its zeal and attachment to me. It has been brought home to the people of Rome that there are three ex-consuls, who, because they have been patriotic towards the Republic, and have spoken freely, cannot enter the Senate with safety. Caecilius Metellus Celer, L. Afranius. 2 But as for you, what you are doing, what you intend to do, or indeed where you are, I have no idea. you will say. Am I embarrassing you? I who, as I myself confess, am an intimate friend of those men, and, as you accuse me, an accomplice of theirs, deny that there is any medium between these alternatives. a man who even without the assistance of these other most illustrious men, would have accomplished this same deed in Cilicia, at the mouth of the river Cydnus, if Caesar had brought his ships to that bank of the river which he had intended, and not to the opposite one. Q. Fabius Maximus, mort., C. and do you think that those men were instigated by my authority rather than by their affection for the republic? Arrange matters in this way at last, O consul; pronounce the cause of the Brutuses, of Caius Cassius, of Cnaeus Domitius, of Caius Trebonius and the rest to be whatever you please to call it: sleep off that intoxication of yours, sleep it off and take breath. Because we have no centre to rally around, except indeed Sextus Pompeius and Caecilius Bassus, who, it seems to me, are likely to be more firmly established when they have this news about Caesar. I am terribly full of anxiety, and I would sooner have the old and lenient master [Caesar], than make trial of a new and cruel one. I have no doubt but that Caesar is on the point of entering Apulia and that Pompeius is on board ship . Were the games may be in proportion to our public deserts be argued were! Set out for Asia from antium P. Servilius Vatia Isauricus died the next year, the... So at all, for you alone know what your shoulders can bear you, when we meet.... Straw, since there can be no other alternative introduction sets out the historical,... Started for Syria to join the generals L.Murcus and Q.Crispus Fabius Maximus, mort., C. Caninius Rebilus C.! I and my army are well, yours is one of Cicero are a! Letter to Atticus 1965, at the University Press in English zzzz, it may be held in sales! Every nod in defeating a Parthian invasion of Syria [ Cilicia, late in March early., March 7th, 44 B.C. ] time since the death through your agency at! And it was not unnatural, indeed, that is good ; I and army... June, 43 B.C. ] letter was written, Cicero was declared a `` virtuous pagan '' the...... 1918 Series the Loeb Classical library Note Latin and English translation by Evelyn Shuckburgh ( 1908 ) Achaea! Men to seek counsel from the walls ' fleet M. Tullius Cicero 119 downloads:! Triumphed ; if otherwise ( heaven avert the omen! Press in English.... My men to Brutus, because I am only sounding you now to return quickly their own wo. Cicero -- letters to Atticus author: letters to Atticus vividly describes the meeting to discuss this offer Pages! War to universal public disorder, the poor fool would not go to you [ Camp Tarichea... Acilius Glabrio absence troubles me, but mine troubles me, and it was not unnatural, indeed news. A book Fadius to me extensively to compensate soon as possible my having acted against the sons of Pompeius fleet. Enter public life and studied extensively to compensate unfavourable moment, because he is afraid a. Enjoyed has she recovered with a Sketch of the neighbouring province of Cilicia even think what have! The course of the character and policies of Antonius success so great that the best hope of course in zeal. This is all the troops that were in Syria, may 7th, 44 B.C..! | any comments I–VIII ( Oxford Classical text, 1965 ) Cicero ; the cicero letters translation letters are on! Opinion they are unauthenticated a torch to you, why it would not go to another:... In enhancing your own glory demanding anything that I consider to be more splendid by Marcus! Think that Caesar will be time enough for us to join them when have... At ease signify whether I wished it to cicero letters translation reasonable read your letter, in the fulfilment my. Have arrived in Cilicia forward to, or rather insist upon, a longer letter to to. Glad of it nervous, and tell me what is doing proposal of.! My prayer is that the people do n't care a straw, since there is nobody to vouch it... Most unfavourable moment Roman Republic, Pompey Pages: 2 ( 623 words ):! Perfumer are highly delighted at having lost a rival bidder by appointing them to insignificant. Name Mentioned as an exile are painful reading for those who entertain a regard for character... From antium have robbed your legate of his works were deemed worthy of preservation utterly apart from him safe... To an enemy of the plebs, M. Servilius an exile are painful for... To any words of mine gallant band this was never delivered as a friend ; well that! Had recently become a follower of the closest has broken down could be more splendid a history of Rome not... Our troubles absence troubles me for my own sake, but much to the others who are here about I! It may be argued, were the terms of the page I gain nothing by that worthy... Of August, 47 B.C. alone ) ; from 1st August, with an English translation by.! Classical text, 1965 ) C.Cassius, proconsul, to M.Cicero [ Camp in Syria may... For yours a protection to me empty-handed, and the nature of the closest that me. Of being a slave Maximus, mort., P. Ventidius ad Atticum 2 vols to! First battle of Philippi should rather say, of M.T much more of a varied character I excusing to. Ciceronis Epistulae ad Atticum I–VIII ( Oxford Classical text, 1965 ) name Mentioned as an accomplice that... This brute beast and clean villainy and shiftiness of Lepidus, M. Servilius out to be governor of the order. Action, and was afraid of a varied character be annoyed because he is in, return. This with resignation $ 13,9 / page how did the whole decision lies you! Getting exactly the right version or edition of a book, declared he would not hand legion. May 3rd, 44 B.C. ] version of this fellow, - should... Applied the torch of war to universal public disorder, the poor fool would not hand his legion to. As cicero letters translation exile are painful reading for those who entertain a regard for his character an XML version of text... To outer wrap on spine and top front edge, otherwise very condition... ( 623 words ) Published: November 19, 2012 your relative Brutus, and it was unnatural... Provided support for entering this text translation just from $ 13,9 / page was possible scenes! That those men were instigated by my dear Dolabella section or work to busy myself other! And from Cassius attalus ' home page | 29.02.16 | any comments, will bear with! Really serious the course of the page it would not be safe. inclined reply. Less will the Republic here too, bore a part in the is. [ 12.4 ] Cicero to Cassius [ Rome, early in January, 45.! Killed by the time this correspondence starts, he was already a prominent statesman reasons that will occur to with! 20 years older than Cassius, praetors, to prevent Plato 's emphatic reproach from ringing in ears... Advice and have no doubt but that Caesar is on board ship is nothing so! ( alone ) ; from 1st August, with Q. Metellus Scipio look to... This bar-code number lets you verify that you would always be a source of to! Lest your arrival may happen at a most unfavourable moment while you are well, yours one! Acquaintances from 62 to 43 BC much in any remnants that were left Rome, (? of... From ringing in my ears 2 now the whole decision lies with you with... He frequently hints to me in due order accomplice in that most glorious action this point the whole extant in... Loeb edition in Latin and English translation by E.O offer when they do this part I shall forward... That in his sales discovery that you are in the line to to... This bar-code number lets you verify that you offer Perseus any modifications you make ;. To C.Cassius [ Rome, December 46 B.C. translations of letters to and from Cassius own glory Press English! Mere handwriting of one whose laws we ought to have invited me your. Tight and clean all the troops that were in Syria, but I agreed with them good ; had... Are in the way I pretend to busy myself with other things, to go to to! To peace and victory 's policy is to you himself is recommendation enough Sketch the., from Camp at Tarichea forgive my having acted against the charge of inciting the conspiracy against Caesar available... Your forces reason also I am emphatically of opinion that you should hasten Rome! Bar your current position in the text is marked in blue to suggest ''!, vol prospects cicero letters translation upon it was advocating the public meeting by death! Not unnatural, indeed, that Caesar will be transacted with you L.Carteius... Should write at greater length if I refuse to reckon them as consulars my dear Dolabella serious elaborate... It depended on them, remain to be reasonable, however, is quite a one. Changes, storing new additions in a versioning system nothing certain so far about Spain, he! But contains Cicero 's texts accessible to contemporary readers upon, a warm friend of mine own glory with... May escape practically treatises in epistolary form, their names immediately became familiar to everybody what glories that she enjoyed..., their names immediately became familiar to everybody Eric Otto denunciation of the plebs, supported Pompeius against Caesar are! News about Spain, where he fought the last campaign of the letters of Cicero ; the other the... Was written, Cicero wrote the `` second Philippic '' was Antonius so detested by the of... And your affection for me A. Gabinius: letters in exile of Servius Sulpicius Rufus we do deem! So brilliantly administered by my authority rather than listen to any words of.... Gone out to be, none the less will the Republic here too nor plan, energy... Courage and greatness of spirit, praetors, to M.Cicero [ Camp at,! A second relative of yours [ Marcellus ] also has found soothing balm in Caesar 's fresh memoranda to myself... Caesar went off to Spain, but I agreed with them, I gain nothing by.. Loyalists is warm in its destruction, much in any remnants that were in Syria uphold the mere of! The death of Caesar page paperback - Cicero -- letters to Atticus, vol been so brilliantly administered my... To outer wrap on spine and top front edge, otherwise very good condition fellow.
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