This is an online version of Marbles: Identification and Price Guide. While you may not be an expert in collectible marbles, there are several key things you can look for to help you determine the general value of vintage collectible marbles. Vintage Marbles 1 Akro Agate Corkscrew Rare Green Sub Base W Orange White .730. See if your marble looks like any of them: Vintage marbles are usually not perfectly made. homesteadantiques loves this. If you know one, you may want to get their help. packrat-place loves this. Bring your marbles to a local antique shop. In Art Glass > Marbles > Show & Tell.,, This post may contain affiliate links. Crockery marbles were all fired to harden them. If you want to understand marbles, you should know about all of the different kinds of marbles. Vintage marbles are only limited in number, which is why they are more expensive. Marbles are a toy with a very long history. Scenic chinas rival most handmade glass marbles in terms of the price for rare examples. Hopeful Night Owl has shared a super creative way to make pendants out of baked marbles. However, this is not always the case as it could also be possible that the marbles were purchased recently or someone might have just given them to him. If you purchased them from an auction or online seller, call them or send an email asking for more information about the collection. 1957 Silver Quarter – The Value Is In Silver and Proofs! Hold the marbles up to the light and look for subtle flaws or marks that indicate the age. Aside from the pontil, antique marbles typically have flaws including bubbles. Submit detailed pictures of your marbles to an online appraisal service. Collectible vintage and antique marbles sold on eBay are offered individually and can be expensive. Check out the Sell Marbles page for more information. The process for making marbles has changed over the years as new materials and technologies spread. Work with the caliper and loupe or magnifier to develop skill in measuring marbles and detecting damage, as size and even the slightest damage affects value and price. This may be a little challenging for new collectors, but experienced collectors would be able to tell the difference. Check out the Olsen knives page and the Randall knives page as well. While modern marbles are also used for playing, the glass used is not as high quality as the old ones so they could easily break. Marbles have been valued by collectors for nearly 100 years. However, do not expect to see a perfect looking marble, because if you get one, it may probably not be vintage. Buffing is the process of rubbing a mild abrasive compound or material against the surface of the marble to remove surface imperfections, usually light haze or tiny pits. Although not as many people play marble games as before, they are still popular in different parts of the world. I just found my marble collection on a trip back to see family in Kansas No marble collection is complete without a sampling of hand-cut agates either. Compare the colors of one type of marble to another. No one knows exactly when the first marbles were invented, but they date back to the times of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who played with marbles made of stone, clay, or polished nuts. This will allow you to better see how rough the texture is and see if the mark appears to be on the surface, which is characteristic of handmade marbles, or deeper down, which may indicate a machine-made marble. If it’s too worn out, it may not be as valuable as it would have been if it’s in good condition. I Work for MARBLES In a 2009 interview with "The Collector's News," marble expert Alan Basinet summed up the dilemma regarding old and new marbles: "It's not like collecting coins where you pretty much know everything that's out there and how much was made. $208.00. They are done precisely and flawlessly because they are made by machines that were designed for this task. If you would like to sell an individual marble, a few marbles or an entire collection of marbles directly to, we are always interested in discussing this option with you. 32 bids. Make sure to ask the seller about the origin of the marbles. How to Identify Marble. Super Rare Vitro Agate Confetti Marble With COA MINT. A group shot is fine also. Older marbles will have certain bubbles or flaws caused by the glass-blowing process. ... 2 packs of vintage marbles one has eat seeds and all picaninny freeze 5 cents and the other jim eds blackberry punch 5 cents ice cold. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Older employees may be able to give you an estimate about the age of your collection in addition to appraisal information. He received a Bachelor of Arts in literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and lives in Stockton, Calif. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images, How to Determine Value of Vintage Collectible Marbles, How to Check the Prices of Antique Marbles, Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. This doesn’t mean that you need to look for a damaged or broken marble, as this would affect its value. View our, Ultimate Guide to Rare Collectible Pennies, How to Clean Rust Off a Gun: 7 Steps + 1 That Will Save Your Life, 1944 Jefferson Nickel – Silver Wartime Nickel, 1950 Wheat Penny Value in Uncirculated Penny, 1907 Barber Quarter – Value in the Proof and Silver, 1952 Half Dollar – Higher Value with Full Bell Lines.
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