You want the mango to be smaller than the glass, or else the juices will splatter and it will get messy. Addendum: Ignore That Stupid Glass Trick (Usually) A lot of folks advocate using a glass to peel a mango, which makes for great Facebook videos but not particularly good mango pieces. I’ll usually use this method whenever the mango isn’t going to be displayed (like for this Quick Mango Sweet Chili Sauce or Mango Smoothie Bowl). View this video on YouTube To see it in action, check out this step-by-step video from our sister site Food & Wine. Alex Loh, Credit: Discard the seed. Follow. In the thin end of the mango, use the rim of the glass to separate the skin from the fruit. Aug 1, 2014 - How To Peel A Mango With A Glass. You could slice the mango into thirds, discarding the middle section with the oblong pit—or cutting off the flesh around the pit and using that—and then use the drinking glass to … All you need is a mango, a knife and a pint glass. As you expose more pulp, use a paper towel or dish towel to hold the peeled mango so it doesn’t slip out of your hand. Peel the mango from top to bottom Using the Y-shaped peeler, work your way around the mango, removing the skin. RICARDO. Mar 26, 2015 - Learning How to Peel a Mango with a Glass is the easiest way to cut a mango. Aapki Apni Rasoi. Not so much. This video from "CrazyRussianHacker" shows you how to deal with a mango's peel by using a glass. Cut about a centimeter to the left and right of center. Follow. Planetapes. Option 2: Get yourself a sturdy glass. Or you can read this post that details how to peel a mango with a glass. Slice both fleshy sides off the mango. The tip suggests that there is something far easier than the tried-and-true (and sometimes messy) method of peeling a mango with a knife. All you need is a mango, a knife and a pint glass. Then you use the edge of a glass to separate the fruit from the peel. Alliance Images/Shutterstock. Cut the mango into chunks or slices. Step 2: Use a pint glass to peel the mango halves. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. 2. How to Peel a Kiwi or Mango. Forget the fancy cutlery. Instead, slice the fruit and then scoop it from the peel. The skin peels off in one piece. Your hand curves around the mango skin; press gently but firmly to move the glass in between the skin and the flesh of the mango. Kelli is the Food Editor for Plan & Prep content for Kitchn. Step 4: Gently tuck the glass into the mango and under the flesh (between the flash and the skin) so that you form a small “lip” on the mango flesh. Mango Sharp knife Cutting board Glass Tips. How to do it, you may see the video below. 3. Now set the bottom edge of one mango cheek along the rim of a glass. With a little pressure, I pushed the mango down the side of the glass so the peel remained on the outside and the fruit on the inside. Chef Ashton Keefe uses a drinking glass to peel a mango. How to Cut a Mango; How to Peel a Mango; How to Make Fresh Mango Juice Browse more videos. But the one downside to eating mangoes on a regular basis is having to peel them! And with no mess! The mango slides into the glass, and the peel easily separates on the outside. To make thin mango slices, use a sharp knife to vertically cut each half of the fruit from … First you cut the fruit along its pit. Take those slices and slide the place where the skin meets the fruit on the rim of a glass. Use kitchen gloves to give you a better grip on the mango and glass. Buddha Bowls, and Everyday Freekeh Meals. Beedas Saareye. Credit: Aug 1, 2014 - How To Peel A Mango With A Glass. Health Day. In fact, some of us are just actually using their hands when removing a mango’s skin. Peeling, cutting and slicing a mango. Place the mango slice on the rim of the glass between the flesh and the skin. The mango slides into the glass, and the peel easily separates on the outside. Related. 1:05. A small amount of fruit remained on the skin, but the more times I used this method, the better I got at peeling away all of the fruit. Rotate the mango around and cut a small slice off the opposite end. One of my favorite breakfast combinations is vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit. 3:40. And he uses a spoon to scoop out kiwi from its skin, or an orange from its rind.Did you know that a spoon is also the secret weapon to peeling ginger?
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