With all of Kion's family and friends watching him, Kion becomes Rani's new king. Follow/Fav Kion. The mane points upwards on the sides and near the bottom, where a tuft of fur sticks out from it. Remake: Life's Not Fair • Rafiki's Fireflies • Scar Takes the Throne • Simba is Alive! Soundtracks: The Lion King • Rhythm of the Pride Lands • The Legacy Collection • The Lion King Collection • Return to Pride Rock: Songs Inspired by Disney's The Lion King II: Simba's Pride • Best of the Lion King • The Lion King 1½: Songs from Timon and Pumbaa's Hilarious Adventure • Original Broadway Cast Recording • The Lion Guard • The Lion King (2019 film) Attends Rani and Kion's wedding When Mama Binturong pretends to be "attacked" by Makucha's Army, Surak and the rest of the Night Pride stop them and welcomes her into the Tree of Life. He is shown to be calm and likes to think before he acts, as he told his nephew before rushing to attack the Lion Guard. The Lion Guard - Teen Surak Ref. This marked the beginning of a long, arduous war. Can you imagine if Kion saved Kiara from Zira what would happen? Watch it on DisneyNow, Disney Junior and Disney Channel. The lions, leopards, and lizard start their walk to the Tree of Life. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: He Lives in You • We Are One • My Lullaby • Upendi • One of Us • Love Will Find a Way Soon enough, Vitani looked at him, wondering what he just did. Plot Makucha, Chuluun, Ora, Mama Binturong A lot of complaints that fans (especially older fans who have been in the fandom for a longer time) have about the show aren't exactly about the show itself, but more about what they personally want the show to be.. They are seen chasing Mama Binturong, who is pretending to be a old animal with a broken leg. "Hey guys; hi Kion," She says in a flirty tone. He has great strength but shows to be calm in battle and do what’s right in various situations. Makucha's Army comes back to attack the animals at the Tree of Life. After mastering the roar, Kion, Bunga, and Rani arrive to stop them. The Junior Night Pride is the animated television series and a spin-off sequel of The Lion Guard. The lion narrowed his eyes and took a more aggressive stance. Surak does his best to remain strong as he and his family mourn the death of their matriarch, but soon begins crying himself as Baliyo collapses on his shoulder in heartbreak. She is the Queen of the Tree if Life and is first shown in the episode "Journey of Memories" in Season 3. When the animals of the Tree of Life think that Beshte is a bad guy, the Night Pride helps their new friend. Watch the Official TV Promos from THE LION GUARD Season 3 an Disney animation series. Queen Janna sees that they have the Mark of the Guard and she knows that they're from the Pride Lands. He has great wisdom and had been instructed by Janna to guide Rani with it. Voice https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Surak?oldid=4313627, Though Surak is the uncle of Baliyo and Rani, they never call him "Uncle Surak. Likes 8 Comments. Deleted: To Be King • Warthog Rhapsody • The Lion of the Moon • Old Fearless Buzz • The Madness of King Scar • Where Do I Belong, Calm, stoic, wise, supportive, familial, loving, Muscular and stocky lion with dark brown fur, creamy brown underbelly, paws, and muzzle, dark brown swept-up mane, Defending the Tree of Life, helping his friends and family, Villains, feeling annoyed, threats to the Tree of Life, Baliyo's rashness, his mother's death, Surak and Baliyo crying after noticing that Queen Janna has passed away, Surak, Baliyo, and Nirmala at Janna's funeral mourning the loss of the queen of the Tree of Life. Surak and the Night Pride introduce the Lion Guard to Queen Janna Later, when Makucha and his allies, Chuluun and Ora, attempt to invade the Tree of Life, the Night Pride blocks their entry. Rani accepts Kion's apology and leads them to the Tree of Life just as Kion keeps his promise not to attack Baliyo anymore. Mama Binturong, unbeknownst to the group, spies on the conversation. Source • "Good Mousekeeping" • "Brazil Nuts" • "South Sea Sick/The Lion Sleeps Tonight" • "Never Everglades" • "Cooked Goose" • "Yukon Con" • "Doubt of Africa" • "How to Beat the High Costa Rica" • "Swiss Missed" • "Russia Hour" • "You Ghana Join the Club" • "Uganda Be an Elephant" • "To Kilimanjaro Bird" • "Rocky Mountain Lie" • "Amazon Quiver" • "French Fried" • "Big Top Breakfast" • "Madagascar About You" • "Truth or Zaire" • "Mojave Desserted" • "Beauty and the Wildebeest" • "Don't Break the China" • "Can't Take a Yolk" • "The Pain in Spain" • "Frantic Atlantic" • "Unlucky in Lesotho" • "Rafiki's Apprentice" • "Tanzania Zany" • "Guatemala Malarkey" • "Mombasa-In-Law" • "TV Dinner" • "Back Out in the Outback" • "Gabon with the Wind" • "Timon's Time Togo" • "The Law of the Jungle" • "Manhattan Mishap" • "Paraguay Parable" • "Be More Pacific" • "Going Uruguay" • "Let's Serengeti Out of Here" • "Congo on Like This" • "Okay Bayou?" After Nirmala, their healing expert, checks out Kion and Ono, she reports her findings to the Queen. Good Surak is an adult male lion who lives at the Tree of Life. Firework: Celebrate the Magic • Celebrate! • Remember Who You Are • This is My Home • The Rightful King Lion Guard gets a lot of criticism. Though he is most often stoic an… Shido and Mrembo approach the Guard. They also met Akula, his lieutenant and his warriors who were captured too.
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