After almo… November 25, 1986 1 Episode (2014), John Showalter 2 Episodes (2013-2013), Jeffrey Nordling 21 Episodes (2015-2016), Caity Lotz 1 Episode (2017), Stephen Surjik 1 Episode (2016), Carmel Amit Tina Boland Roy Harper Anatoly Tommy Merlyn 39 Episodes (2014-2016), Neal McDonough Photo Credits: NBC; Amazon/Netflix/HBO/FX; Netflix; Anthony Roman; Apple TV+; HBO, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Kiernan Shipka and Gavin Leatherwood Tease a 'Satisfying' Series Ending, 10 Shows Like Vikings to Watch Now That Season 6 Part 2 Is Out on Amazon, What's Coming to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, and More in January 2021, How to Watch the NCAA Football Bowl and Playoff Games, The TV Shows We Can't Wait to Watch in 2021, A Lot of Shows Ended in 2020, But We'll Miss These 10 Most. 3 Episodes (2013-2013), Moira Kirland Walter Steele Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger, Bronze Tiger Source 176 Episodes (2012-2020), Willa Holland The series premiered on October 10, 2012. 1 Episode (2017), Carly Pope Vandal Savage William Tockman/The Clock King 176 Episodes (2012-2020), Marc Guggenheim 1 Episode (2015), Glen Winter 1 Episode (2014), Larry Teng She is the daughter of Dinah Drake, who used the moniker before her, and a frequent partner of Green Arrow, who over time became her boyfriend, husband, and ex-husband. 1 Episode (2016), Recommendations based on the shows you already love, TV Guide ranks the series that threw us a lifeline during these wild times, Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. 10 Episodes (2014-2015), Brandon Routh Frank Bertinelli If you have yet to watch Wednesday’s episode of Arrow, avert your eyes now. save. 1 Episode (2016), Ernie Hudson 4 Episodes (2012-2019), Janina Gavankar The sixth season of Arrow ended in a Pyrrhic victory for the heroes of Star City. She also voiced her character in a major role in season two of Vixen. 4 Episodes (2015-2016), Kelly Hu In January 2012, after The CW ordered a television pilot for a potential Green Arrow series, its executive producers Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim developed the character of Dinah "Laurel" Lance, based on the Black Canary from DC Comics. Warning: This post contains spoilers for “Arrow” Season 4, Episode 18, titled “Eleven-Fifty-Nine.” Do not read on unless you’ve watched the April 6 episode. Vertigo 1 Episode (2013), James Callis Ted Gaynor [2] I Sverige sänds serien på Kanal 11, den har tidigare visats på Kanal 5. Isabel, Isabel Rochev ‘Arrow’ will be bidding farewell on Jan. 28 after 8 glorious and action-packed seasons. 176 Episodes (2012-2020), Stephen Amell 1 Episode (2013), Ty Olsson 176 Episodes (2012-2020), Emily Bett Rickards A recent Black Canary sighting in Star City only seems to prove his theory that Laurel isn’t actually dead. Damien Darhk Vince In his secret identity, he is Oliver Queen, living in Star City as a wealthy playboy and billionaire industrialist turned outspoken socially-progressive politician. 1 Episode (2014), Vince Misiano 5 Episodes (2017-2018), Josh Segarra John Deegan 1 Episode (2017), Falk Hentschel Its first season was premiered on October 10 2012. 3 Episodes (2014-2016), Antonio Negret Stephen Amell Oliver ... Katie Cassidy Laurel Lance,Black Siren. Cyrus Gold/Acolyte Her father Larry Lance, was a police officer, while her mother (also named Dinah) was the original Black Canary.The younger Dinah chose to become a crime-fighter at the age of nineteen, despite her mother's wishes to the contrary. 176 Episodes (2012-2020), John Behring Citizen Cold Digger Harkness 161 Episodes (2012-2020), Colton Haynes He chooses the bow and arrow as a weapon for his fight and to do Justice. See Stephen Amell and more cast memb… 6 Episodes (2014-2017), Thor Freudenthal Green Arrow is a vigilante superhero who fights crime using archery, martial arts and technology. Jessica Danforth The series follows Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy and heir to the Queen Consolidated company, returning back home to Starling City after five years trapped on the island of Lian Yu to fight injustice and corruption as the Green Arrow. 1 Episode (2016), Michael Offer Laurel and Dinah are tracking a kidnapping victim with direct ties to Mia and they need her help. Detective Hilton Kate Kane 176 Episodes (2012-2020), Wendey Stanzler 1 Episode (2012), Johann Urb Cassidy would eventually return as the Laurel Lance of Earth-2, aka Black Siren, and had a transformative arc from villain to anti-hero. Her mother, Sherry Williams, was a high fashion model in the early 1970s. Kendra Saunders 1 Episode (2019), Jeremy Davies 176 Episodes (2012-2020), Paul Blackthorne Zoe Mark Sheffner/Shrapnel, Shrapnel 1 Episode (2017), Dolph Lundgren The entire special Arrow Cast Real Name characters are taken as per DC Comics on which Arrow Series is based on. 1 Episode (2015), Lexi Alexander 11 Episodes (2013-2019), Katrina Law Konstantin Kovar 1 Episode (2017), Nick E. Tarabay Retrouvez tout le casting de la saison 1 de la série Arrow: les acteurs, les réalisateurs et les scénaristes 1 Episode (2017), Candice Patton Stephen Amell Oliver Queen,Green Arrow. 5 Episodes (2013-2014), Michael Emerson Laurel Lance/Black CanaryLaurel Lance/Black Siren/Black CanaryLaurel Lance/Siren-X Noah, Noah Kuttler, The Calculator 2 Episodes (2015-2015), Sean Maher Martin Somers \"Fury Rogue\" Laurel Lance/Siren-X (special guest star) That was a “Green Arrow and the Canaries” episode where Laurel and Dinah end up … Occupation However, it has since reverted to her original credit name in Season 8 prior to their divorce in January 2020. Arrow may have only had a Green Arrow or two, but when it came to bringing Black Canary to the Arrowverse, The CW series took a very different approach.Throughout Arrow’s run, the creators took an unusual approach to adapting one of Oliver Queen’s closest allies from the existing source material. 8 Episodes (2015-2018), Sarah Schechter 1 Episode (2019), Juliana Harkavy Canary, Sara, Sara Lance, Sarah, White Canary, Barry, Barry Allen, Barry/The Flash, The Flash, Adam Donner, Assistant District Attorney, Donner, Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress, Helena/The Huntress, The Huntress. 52 Episodes (2012-2019), Austin Butler Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The official synopsis for 'Green Arrow And The Canaries' reads: "It’s the year 2040 in Star City and Mia Queen (Katherine McNamara) has everything she could have ever wanted. Adam Donner, Assistant District Attorney, Donner With Dinah Laurel Lance part of the series' cast, most fans believed it was only a matter of time before we would see Oliver and Dinah unite as a two-person team to take on the criminals of Star City. Deadline reports that Katie Cassidy (Supernatural, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Harper's Island) has been cast as the female lead in Arrow, the new CW pilot based on DC Comics' Green Arrow. Quentin Lance 1 Episode (2015), Kelsey Grammer 1 Episode (2015), Jeffrey Robinson Katie Cassidy Simon Lacroix/Komodo Cassidy left the show as a series regular after her character was killed off in episode 18 of the fourth season on April 6, 2016. 2 Episodes (2012-2014), Lexa Doig Diaz Weather it be a face lift, weight loss, plastic surgery. The Black Canary casting news comes as a bit of a surprise to "Arrow" fans who long believed that Katie Cassidy's character Dinah "Laurel" Lance would become the legendary superhero, as she does in the DC Comics franchise. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Starling City," the Arrow Season 8 premiere.. Warner Brothers 1 Episode (2016), Steve Aoki ... Green Arrow is coming to Fortnite as a skin. Tatsu 4 Episodes (2015-2016), Eagle Egilsson 1 Episode (2012), John Badham 1 Episode (2013), Peter Leto 1 Episode (2013), Ruby Rose First medium LetR… Thankfully, "Lost Canary" played its part by bringing Earth-2 Laurel… Dinah Laurel Lance was born into a family of crime fighters. William 1 Episode (2016), Eliza Faria The Ray RELATED: Green Arrow & the Canaries Stars Provide Series Pickup Update 5 Episodes (2016-2018), Cynthia Addai-Robinson Everyone else, read on… If you were craving a liberal shot of truth, Wednesday’s Arrow really hit the spot. Alex Danvers 4 Episodes (2016-2016), Geoff Johns The show completed its 7 consecutive seasons. 1. 2 Episodes (2017-2017), Peter Stormare Soon the Arrowverse will be missing its namesake. She is set to reprise her role as Earth-2 Laurel Lance/Black Canary in the potential spin-off, Green Arrow and the Canaries. Himself "Arrow" Green Arrow (TV Episode 2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Oct 6, 2016 - Oliver and the team struggle to come to terms with Laurel’s death, especially Diggle who is overwhelmed with guilt for choosing to believe Andy had changed. Right now what we know of Laurel is she is substance abusing. 3 Episodes (2016-2016), Kirk Acevedo 1 Episode (2017), Cle Bennett 159 Episodes (2012-2020), Audrey Marie Anderson Curtis, Curtis Holt Felicity Smoak Dinah "Laurel" Lance/Black Siren It just doesn't look right anymore. During an interview with CBR, Cassidy discussed the shocking death of Earth-1 Laurel Lance and how she didn't expect it to happen. 176 Episodes (2012-2020), Glen Winters John Diggle Jr. The device would be thrown onto a surface, where it would activate. Nyssa 1 Episode (2013), Rutina Wesley share. She was easily the most attractive cast member in season 1 to me (bar Amell and Barrowman those handsome bastards) Not … 8 Episodes (2014-2015), Grant Gustin In 2016, it was announced that Cassidy signed a deal that made her a universe regular across all the Arrowverse shows (like Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman). hide. 1 Episode (2014), Steven Culp General Katie Cassidy was born Katherine Evelyn Anita Cassidy on November 25, 1986, in Los Angeles, California. 5 Episodes (2014-2019), Dylan Bruce 3 Episodes (2019-2020), Melissa Benoist At some point in late 2007 she began secretly seeing her sisters boyfriend Oliver Queen with only her mother aware of the affair between the two. 1 Episode (2018), Ciara Renee 176 Episodes (2012-2020), Andrew Kreisberg The released cast for Green Arrow and the Canaries includes Kat McNamara as Mia Queen, Juliana Harkavy as Dinah Drake (a.k.a. 3 Episodes (2015-2017), Kevin Tancharoen Thea Queen Rene, Wild Dog Green Arrow and The Canaries cast. Iris 1 Episode (2013), Elizabeth Kim 172 comments. 159 Episodes (2012-2020), Echo Kellum 176 Episodes (2012-2020), Guy Norman Bee She then had the freedom to make guest appearances in season five of Arrow, season three of The Flash, and season two of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. "Pilot" 3 Episodes (2012-2013), Ken Fink Katie Cassidy, Actress: A Nightmare on Elm Street. 2 Episodes (2012-2013), Kevin Tancharoen Captain Sara Lance (December 25, 1987[1] October 8, 2014[2]; resurrected November 2015[3]) is a former member of the League of Assassins, the first vigilante known as the Canary, the leader of the Legends, a former member of Team Arrow, and captain of the Waverider. Prometheus has no tolerance for anyone else targeting Green Arrow and kills Tobias Church … 2 Episodes (2012-2013), Dwight Little Malone, Malone 10 Episodes (2014-2017), Matt Nable

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