Updated export max_file_size parameter is not replicated and replication Job fails. Smartquotas in OneFS configured with the container property set to true fail to be created by quota sync. Resolution: Eyeglass now able to create Configuration Replication job for OneFS 8.2 SyncIQ policy that has target host configured as SSIP of target cluster. Resolution:  None unsupported sync, upgrade to 7.2.x.x. In some environments where source and target cluster names are overlapping (example cluster1 and cluster1dr) after failover only one direction is displayed inf DR Dashboard. Eyeglass API now can be used to retrieve DR readiness information - please refer to documentation, T16955 ssh command issued as part of daily Eyeglass backup, New: T15063 Failover Readiness Date-Time Validation has increased tolerance for time skew between Isilon nodes, T16496 Config Only Migration deletes existing objects in the Destination Access Zone, T16340 Customization of alarm settings for SCA0080 and SCA0081 result in "Invalid alarm code" error, T16372 Disk Space Management for OpenSUSE 42.3, T16381, T16382 Firewall port fix for ECA clusters on 42.3, T11893 Eyeglass unable to create Configuration Replication Jobs for OneFS 8.2 SyncIQ policy using SSIP as target host, T15481 Failover Readiness Warning Alarm Additional Information, T15870 Failover Readiness does not show readiness for both directions, T15359 Backup & Restore does not restore Ransomware Defender or Easy Auditor settings, T14913 Eyeglass API enhanced to accept list of policies for SyncIQ or DFS failover, T15036 Failover Readiness Warning or Error emails not sent in some cases, Under some conditions if you are using zone or pool failover, zone/pool/policy/dfs readiness emails fo. Quota workflow features have been removed. The Jobs window for an Access Zone replication Job which had a replication error or audit error shows as OK even though an Alarm was issued for the Error. The Job is started but does not complete. This step will be completed successfully on a subsequent failover or during regular Configuration Replication to bring the Eyeglass up to date on the latest state of the PowerScale environment. 5) Start a backup with print screens and follow in Running Jobs to verify the backup completes successfully. Does the format help you find the information you’re looking for? Workaround: Verify from OneFS that the quota settings are as expected. This delay is not applied to SPN steps during failover. As of today, the new release note format has been implemented in the OneFS – OneFS release notes. Workaround:  Create and update Access Zones manually on source and target cluster and disable Eyeglass Access Zone replication Jobs. OpenSUSE 42.3 operating system: Upgrade on OpenSUSE 42.3 operating system will no longer be supported. Workaround: None required - next scheduled Configuration Replication job will rectify and create the jobs. T5972  No Error Message for Duplicate NFS Export on OneFS 7.2 Configuration Replication Failed, T14936 Short SPN not created during Configuration Replication, T2350:  Quota Self Serve Portal: Local Group Quotas not displayed when logged in with Local Group User, T1962: Default Role incorrectly shows Delete option, T7980: Cluster Storage Monitor AD Group Template Quota Creation does not created group quota for nested AD Groups, T15139 Data Config Migration Concurrent Jobs Limitation, T2289  Backup Archive Job is not always displayed in the Running Jobs window, T2908  Renamed SyncIQ Policy does not link to RPO Reports from original SyncIQ Policy Name, T3170 Pending Quota Requests are not preserved on failover, T4579 Upgrade from 1.5.4 to 1.9 and greater Failover History retrieves Failover Log for SyncIQ Job Reports, T6300 After an Eyeglass restore with the -anyrelease option the print screen functionality for SyncIQ Job Reports and Eyeglass backups may be in error. PowerScale Info Hub for OneFS documentation. As a result, the Job may have an error for these share/export/quota due to path not found error. Workaround: Each group that requires automated group quota creation must be explicitly added to the relevant share permissions. Archive is still created and available for download on completion. Workaround: One OneFS manually change the setting for this property, or if the share on the target cluster is not in use delete it and allow Eyeglass to recreate it. After configuring the Remote Log  Consumer in Eyeglass, additional manual steps are required on the Eyeglass appliance to update syslog-ng.conf to enable the service. If there is an Eyeglass igls- mapping hint assigned to these subnet:pool which could result in the networking being failed over Zone Readiness either does not show an error OR it may show the error that mapping is incomplete. Any Snapshot Schedule where the path is at or below the Job source path will be included in the Job. From Eyeglass DR Assistant a Pool failover can be initiated for multiple pools but this is not supported from the API. The Upgrading OneFS topic contains information about where you can find system requirements and applicable patches for the release, as well as the list of OneFS releases that can be upgraded to the documented release. The SyncIQ policy readiness retrieved using REST API is missing the output for the Target Reachability check. The DR Dashboard shows the results from the previous successful execution of the Readiness Job. DR Status of INFO does not affect / block ability to failover. DR Failover Status of Warning does not block failover. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. For the case where there are multiple access zones overlapping wtih System Access Zone on /ifs path, DR Assistant will show an error during navigation indicating an invalid configuration and block completion of failover. Quota Search window continues to have Quota Search and bulk Quota Modify capabilities. Contact support.superna.net for assistance. To view which version of OneFS is running on a node, run the following command: uname -r If not, the quota path may be used to determine which quota apply to the logged in user. Description: Inventory View is not auto-refreshed and if open when a change occurs does not reflect the change. WHAT’S NEW. If Configuration Replication option is selected for Make Target Writeable, the DR Test mode job itself is not included and any changes to SMB shares or NFS exports that had not been previously synced will not be present on shares / exports used for the DR Test. If a change is made to an Eyeglass Job state or Job type and then there is an appliance rediscover before configuration job has been run the changed Job state / type will be lost. A message is displayed indicating that the Job has been queued but the share/export configuration replication Job is not run and the associated QUOTA Job is run and quotas are replicated. When a filename/path contains special characters, Unlock My Files is unable to break the lock. The time between the create and delete steps for the AD SPN Delegation Validation is now configurable. Workaround: In the above conditions these messages can be ignored as they do not apply. :  Before failover ensure a cluster report has been generated (cluster reports icon), or an existing emailed cluster report exists. Web widgets: Embeddable Widgets functionality will no longer be available. If a change is made to a Configuration Replication Job to deselect a file sharing object from the job, the parent node where there still are selected objects is no longer selected in the Edit Configuration window. If AD domain controllers do not execute the create and delete fast enough this can fail the validation test. Isilon Gen 6 drastically reduces physical footprint and offers improved scalability, compute power, software optimization and protection against hardware failures. Workaround: Review the Eyeglass logs at the time that the inventory alarm occurred and search for the string “Another instance of Inventory Task is still running. Runbook Robot job creates 2 failover history records - one for policy failover or access zone failover and one for for Runbook Robot. If an error occurs on allow writes for one pool in a failover job that contains multiple pools there is no rollback for networking for failed pool. Email notification also only sent on initial occurence of the alarm. There are a few things at play here. For the case where initially an Access Zone with a policy is not associated with a pool, the policy appears in Zone Readiness/SyncIQ Readiness under the System Access Zone. Message displayed says "No open session....". Starting a log parser service...sh: /opt/superna/java/jre1.8.0_05/bin/java: No such file or directory. For case where PowerScale cluster has been provisioned in Eyeglass using FQDN, that FQDN should not be failed over during Zone or Pool failover - it needs to remain associated with its current cluster. When Rehearsal Mode is enabled for an Access which has DFS policies or enabled with multiple pools which also have DFS, the failover log summary shows an interim summary after data access steps and a final summary at end. Work around:  Before failover ensure a cluster report has been generated (cluster reports icon), or an existing emailed cluster report exists. Under some conditions if you are using zone or pool failover, zone/pool/policy/dfs readiness emails for readiness warning or error are not sent. Workaround: AD provider name and AD provider in SmartConnect Zone name should have same case. Workaround: Use the scheduled daily report for Troubleshooting information. If PowerScale identifies any missing SPN, Eyeglass will insert all custom SPN even if PowerScale does not identify it as missing. Zone Readiness incorrectly shows Policy Hot/Hot Validation as OK in an environment where there are one or more policies in the Access Zone which do not have any file sharing objects (shares or exports). Workaround: Run the report using command below. Change of Readiness status from OK, Info, Warning to Error also now sends email notification. For OneFS 7.2 - 8 replication, Zone Replication Readiness always has warning status and alarm is raised for failed audit on zone job. Workaround: Access Zone failover in this Configuration is unsupported as for Eyeglass Inter-version management, it is expected to apply capabilities of lower versions to all versions being managed and Access Zone failover for OneFS 7.1 is not supported. Impact: Allow Writes step of failover will fail. In an environment where the PowerScale cluster is joined to multiple Domains, the OneFS SPN check command for a specified domain returns list of SPNs from other domains and lists them as missing. If an Access Zone is modified from manually defining the authentication providers to using the “Use all authentication providers” setting in OneFS 7.2, Eyeglass will not update SPNs for any new authentication providers that where not previously provisioned. In Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.5.6 for DR can be found here. If Pool Failover is initiated and there is an associated Eyeglass Configuration Replication job that is disabled, the failover correctly skips failover of the associated synciq policy / data but incorrectly attempts to associate the mirror policy to a pool on the target cluster resulting in an error for the step "Transfer pool mapping" with mesage "Could not find policy ....". 3) vi /opt/superna/sca/data/Screenshots.json and write "" as a value in the "plain_text" field and then save it. For the case where OneFS 8 is configured with multiple groupnet and different AD provider between groupnets, the SPN update during failover does not succeed for non-default groupnet AD providers. When you select the “+”, it changes to a “-” but there are no children displayed. Unable to create web widget for DR Readiness. When the Smartconnect Subnet on a IP pool is different that the subnet the IP pool was created in the DR Dashboard displays the incorrect SSIP. The Runbook Robot SyncIQ Reports log incorrectly repeats the Failover log information instead of showing the associated SyncIQ Job reports. Workaround: Check which cluster has enabled SyncIQ Policies and then verify that other cluster is read-only to confirm which failover direction is active. Download PDF. Once the Access Zone is associated with the pool the Policy remains associated with the System Access Zone. Manually inspect that Access Zones are identical and that Zone Readiness Warning is related to this issue. This does not block failover. OneFS Web Administration Guide. Check for Access Zone exists on target cluster for Directory migration fails is case sensitive and will fail if Access Zone exists with same name but different case. Access Zone is not replicated from OneFS 8 to OneFS 7.2. Some scenarios remain after resolution in 2.5.5 T12773 where when Eyeglass has an imcomplete view of PowerScale configuration due to a PowerScale API networking API call failure there is a risk of deleting and readding Eyeglass Configuration Replication jobs and losing their settings such as DFS mode or AutoSkipConfing mode or risk of deleting meta data such as SMB shares or NFS exports. For additional information on readiness validations in Warning state please refer to our documentation here or contact support.superna.net. Workaround: use the Flash client as a work around. In an PowerScale environment that is configured to use multiple AD Domains and those Domains are not joined, user quota creation for the quotas related to the non-default AD Domain will fail with the error: Requested persona was not of user or group type. The failover log indicates success. Note that Access Zone and Pool Failover update both short and full version of SPN. Workaround: Use manual process to verify source cluster reachability and initiate the appropriate controlled or uncontrolled failover. Workaround: Create new AD Group for quota assignment and add this group to related shares in PowerScale. Workaround: None Required. Workaround: Close and reopen the Failover History window to see updates. This document will contain information about functionality changes and features that were introduced when the major or minor release was made available, but it will also be updated to include information about the most current MR that’s available for download from the EMC Online Support site. Workaround: Reset Eyeglass to pick up IP address changes for Jobs on the new active cluster. Workaround: None Available. Resolution: Smb3 Encryption Enabled setting for shares is now synced. Workaround: None required. This validation must be disabled if any other DNS server is being used. For example: cluster A Smartconnect Zone Mapping Hint = igls-pool, cluster B Smartconnect Zone Mapping Hint = igls-pool1. Access Zone does not affect Policy Failover and Access Zone Readiness and Failover correctly assign policy to correct Access Zone. Please contact support.superna.net for assistance. OneFS or later Install the latest drive support package using the non-disruptive (NDFU) instructions in this document. Readiness check from B to A shows an error that no mapping is available. The pending quota request will appear in the Quota Requests History in Error state. Retry interval is configurable. The first failover name cannot be _mirror. When you enable DR Rehearsal mode and it includes an Eyeglass job that is of AUTOSKIPCONFIG type the end result status will incorrectly be REHEARSAL_ERROR for local target and corrupt failover snapshots for those policies. Instead of reporting Pool Readiness alarms per Pool they are reported against the Access Zone that is configured for Pool Failover. For case where DR Failover status is OK or Info, the DR Assistant Failover wizard validation check step requests acknowledgement that warnings have been reviewed even though DR failover status has no warning status. If a policy, dfs, zone or pool readiness alarm occurs multiple times, the Alarm time will not be updated with each occurrence. Snapshot schedule expiration offset has OneFS API bug that adds extra time to snapshot expiration when the snapshot schedule is created. 1580: Delete and Create export within same replication cycle orphans deleted export on the target with OneFS 7.1.1.x, 1625: Custom QUOTA Jobs require extra replication cycle to be deleted, 1639: Able to manually Run Now disabled Custom Job, 1641: Custom Job does not include shares/export when source or destination path configured with a trailing /, 1788: Delete of unlinked user quota on source may not delete matching quota on the target, 1789: Able to select shares/exports/quotas outside job path after deselected, 1887, T3727: Multiple SyncIQ policies associated with same Zone will result in transient error on Eyeglass Zone replication creation. IMPORTANT: You must enable DFS mode before enabling the Job to prevent creation of active shares on target cluster. Workaround: For multi-site failover manual verification for AD delegation can be done as documented here and the DR Dashboard AD Delegation validation can be disabled following documentation here. If an Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job has no associated shares, exports, alias or quotas, the Job will not be displayed under Eyeglass Configuration Replication Readiness if the SyncIQ OneFS Readiness is WARNING. This survey should take only a few minutes to complete, and your answers are completely anonymous.To submit additional feedback, send an email to docfeedback@isilon.com. If an Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job contains more than one Export with the same path, this may result in an AUDITFAILED state or configuration replication error  for the associated Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job in the DR Dashboard or a configuration replication error. Workaround: None required. Workaround: None required. Isilon OneFS Migration Tools Guide, Version 7.2, March 2015; NL400 Instalation Guide, REV H, June 2015; Isilon OneFS Release Notes, 7.2.0, March 2015; OneFS RESTful Access to the Namespace API Reference, October 2013; S210 Installation Guide, June 2015; Isilon OneFS Security Configuration Guide, Version 7.2, March 2015 This results in an expiration on the DR cluster, that can be greater than entered on the source cluster. We provide information about fixed and known issues that Isilon customers have reported or might encounter. For failover, no additional steps - failover will manage all SPN updates based on custom SPN definition. For example if your source and destination path is /ifs/data/Zone1 and on source you have nfs export /ifs/data/Zone1/project1 but on Destination Access Zone you have other share or exports with path /ifs/data/Zone1 or subfolders thereof, after the config migration job runs the destionation access zone will only have the nfs export /ifs/data/Zone1/project1 such that source and destination are an exact match. After failover the DR (target cluster) value will be synced back to the source (Prod cluster). Where there are multiple SyncIQ policies which are associated to the same zone and Eyeglass configuration replication is being used to create the zone on the target, the first Zone replication job will succeed, but subsequent Zone replication jobs for the same Zone will fail with the message “Zone ‘’ already exists”. Shares and exports are deleted as expected. Resolution: Access Zone configured for Pool failover now appears in Pool Readiness tab and functionality to configure Pool Failover is available. Workaround: Disable the Runbook Robot mount step by setting to false following the instructions here: http://documentation.superna.net/eyeglass-PowerScale-edition/igls-administration/eyeglass-administration-guide#TOC-Runbook-Robot-Mount-Export-Enable-Disable, T1482:  Zone Readiness SyncIQ Readiness not updated after Access Zone associated to a pool, T3742:  No Policy Hostname Validation error if SyncIQ Policy Target Host is fully qualified and uses short name on target cluster pool that has a Superna Eyeglass mapping hint applied, T3848:  SPNs not updated during failover for OneFS8 non-default groupnet AD provider, T4009:  SPNs creation case sensitive to AD provider name, T4320:  Access Zone not assigned to any Subnet Pools results in many Zone Readiness Errors, T4316:  Runbook Robot Policy Job does not display SyncIQ Job Reports, T4857:  Failed SmartConnect Zone Rename step is not displayed in Failover Log, T4878:  Pool Failover - Non Runbook Robot SyncIQ policies can be mapped to Robot pool, T4968:  Zone missing from DR Dashboard Zone Readiness tab if a SyncIQ Policy has a target host that cannot be resolved, T5092, T4490:  Access Zone Pre and Post Failover Scripting Issues, T5473:  Zone/Pool Readiness Pool Mapping Hint Matching Issue, T5961:  Failover Log shows Incorrect Final Steps, T5897:  Post Failover Inventory step may fail during multiple concurrent failovers, T5941:  Pool Failover Failover Log Summary incorrectly displayed Client Redirection step not run, T5967:  Failover where Quota Sync is disabled has extra lines in Failover Log, T5934:  Access Zone Readiness shows OK for DFS only failed over Access Zone, T6289:  SyncIQ policy with no shares or exports is associated with the System Access Zone for failover, T6311:  Selecting the DR Failover Status link on the DR Assistant Summary page may result in an Error, T6402:  Access Zone Failover Post Failover Inventory step runs multiple times, T6842:  Zone Readiness: Zone does not display Failover Over state for Access Zones where custom SmartConnect Zone prefix is being used, T10935 Pool failover "failovertarget" must be "zone id", T7622 Eyeglass will not add custom SPNs if PowerScale Cluster does not return any missing SPN during SPN check (as of 2.5.6), As of 2.5.6 Eyeglass can manage custom SPN creation based on Eyeglass configuration - additional information available, T13360 Failover Readiness Validation for Corrupt Failover Snapshots does not check for missing snapshot, T12434 Concurrent Access Zone or Pool Failover with DFS configured policies may fail DFS share rename step, T13701 Failover option "Disable SyncIQ Jobs on Failover Target" does not reapply schedule, T13726 Pool Failover error mapping policy to pool on target cluster for disabled job, T13881 Cannot failover overlapping Access Zones - rel 2.5.6, T14398 Zone/Pool Failover Readiness FQDN Alias validation incorrectly reports OK when pool does not have an ignore hint, Workaround : If cluster still added to Eyeglass using FQDN modify to be added using IP. Please following Technical Advisory #17 and Technical Advisory #22. This issue does not affect SmartConnect Zone rename during failover. Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL 11.0.01 1 Changes - … Reviewed in Last 12 Months; Products. Workaround: In Eyelgass Jobs / Running Jobs window tree view under "Group Quota Synchronization Steps" navigate down the tree and find the step with an error. T4289  Delete Share or Export may result in temporary Audit error, After a share or export is deleted as part of Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job, the next Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job Audit task may incorrectly expect that the object is not deleted resulting in a alarm such as “, Replication job audit failed" - "objects not found on source or target cluster, hence audit fails”. User quotas created for users who are not in the default AD Domain, a friendly name cannot be resolved and quota itself is associated with user SID but in the Storage Monitor Report the user is reported as "user" instead of showing user SID. There is no restore of settings from release 2.5.4 and earlier. If a Snapshot Schedule Replication Job is selected in the Jobs window, the Edit Configuration option does not mark the Snapshot Schedules which are included in the Job.. Workaround:  Expand the Snapshot Schedule Job in the Jobs window to see the Source Path. This may result in an AEC Duplicate Permission error from the PowerScale cluster or no error until duplicate permissions exceeds allowed space and an AEC Message Too Long error occurs. Schedule scan of files In addition to scanning files as they are opened or closed, OneFS can also scan files on a schedule (e.g. Second failover B to A - policy name = _mirror. If an PowerScale node is unreachable when Eyeglass is searching for open files there is no error message for the unreachable PowerScale nodes. Workaround: None required. Therefore RPO Reporting for the original SyncIQ Policy name will not be linked to RPO reporting for the new SyncIQ Policy name. Workaround: Only select enabled Jobs for Run Now. The network updates that are done durinig failover are rolled back. No alarm or email when status changes to OK or Info. When Run Now is selected for an Eyeglass Job which is disabled, the handling is different depending on Job Type and state: For Job which is “Policy Disabled” - Run Now is blocked for all Jobs, For Job which is “User Disabled” - Run Now not blocked and all enabled Jobs run. Workaround: None Required. The cluster usage icon has  a quota share export tab that will be removed. The DR Dashboard correctly identifies the issue as an Error which would block initiating a failover. Search for Isilon Drive Firmware Package; Download the latest package (1.9 as of 02/2015) Review the release notes of this package; Copy this package onto the Isilon cluster; Determine how the firmware upgrade will be applied Serial – This is the recommended method. Subsequently, new maintenance release (MR) notes are published whenever a new maintenance version for a particular branch is released (for example,,, and If you have questions or feedback about this blog, or comments about the video specifically, contact us at isi.knowledge@emc.com. Workaround: To recover from this REHEARSAL_ERROR open a support ticket at support.superna.net for assistance. To provide documentation feedback or request new content, contact isicontent@emc.com. Running an Eyeglass assisted failover where the total number of objects exceeds the published maximum limit will lead to unexpected results. A Data Config Migration Job will fail to be created if the Migration or Destination Path contains special characters (example & or '). 4.5. Workaround: None Required. Workaround: None required. If a post failover script is configured, it will run once the failover finishes even if the failover has failed. When an nfs alias is replicated to the target, the initial create leaves Job in Error state with  related alarm " Alias already exists on this zone". 7.2 is a new release and has a bunch of new features. Workaround: None required - display issue only.